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If you are anything like me, New Years flew by this year and when I finally had time to create my New Year's resolutions it was already (well into) 2017. Oh well. In my opinion, it's better late than never.

Whether you just got engaged over the holidays, or you’ve been planning your 2017 wedding for the past few months, this is going to be a great year for you: full of excitement, anticipation, and likely a small amount of stress.

Almost every bride makes a New Year’s resolution to lose some weight to fit into her wedding dress, or to hit the gym a bit harder to keep that girlish figure for the big day. But there are other resolutions that you can make that will ensure your year of wedding planning is as enjoyable as possible. We’ve listed our top five bridal resolutions for 2017 brides, so pop a bottle of champagne and take a read. It’s time to celebrate the exciting year to come knowing you are making resolutions that will help keep you calm and will ensure a joyous year of wedding planning.

  1. Don’t forget your fiancé | We understand that you want your big day to be perfect but give yourself a break. Schedule in a weekly date night with your fiancé to make sure that the only active relationship isn’t just between you and your wedding planning notebook. It’s so important to stay connected with your groom through this time. Brides are excited about their weddings, and often that’s all they want to talk about. That’s completely fine, but you really have to remember to nurture your relationship and to reconnect as a couple. This ensures that you are concentrating on the marriage, not just the wedding.
  2. Ask for help | When it comes to planning your own wedding, you want to be in control but sometimes you’ve got to hand stuff over. Delegate planning tasks to your helpful hubby-to-be, and use your bridesmaids‘ skills to their full potential. After all, what are bridesmaids for?
  3. Be gracious | This will also be a big year for your parents, siblings, close friends and family. They will be asked to throw bridal showers and engagement parties, purchase bridesmaid dresses, and take some of their time away from their personal lives to help with the planning of your wedding. Resolve to be patient and grateful, and to make sure to include everyone in the planning process. Often the root of all family issues stems from someone not feeling like they’ve been heard or appreciated. Family dynamics are a part of every wedding, and this can be stressful when everyone has their own ideas and suggestions, and insists on providing their opinions. So patience, forgiveness, and a small thank-you note or a loving hug can go a long way in keeping everyone happy through the planning process. And don’t forget your guests - get those thank-you cards out in a timely manner!
  4. Enjoy yourself | This is supposed to be fun! If wedding planning is starting to feel more like a job, then you really have to take a step back and re-evaluate. Maybe you need some extra help - wedding planners can step in at any stage of the planning process to take over if you are feeling too overwhelmed or stressed out. Talk to your fiancé and your family - don’t be afraid to delegate some of the jobs so that you aren’t doing it all on your own.
  5. Remember what’s important | While your wedding is one of the most important moments of your life, it’s what your wedding represents that’s important. Concentrate on what’s really important and have some perspective please! When problems arise, remember that you are just planning a party - there are far worse things that can happen in life than a guest canceling at the last minute. Stressing about color choices or worrying about what people will think seems so minuscule when you look at the real reason you are planning this joyful occasion in the first place.